The best hotels with private hot tubs is the ideal site for finding hotels with romantic rooms featuring personal whirlpool tubs.

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Which hotels have private hot tubs in room?

The vast majority of hotels do not have large hot tubs in each room. The best way to find these elusive hotels is to search on We list thousands of hotels that have whirlpool suites, where you can have a private hot tub experience in your own hotel room.

Do I have to clean the private Hot Tub myself?

No, the hotel staff will handle all the mess related to the hot tub and whatever activies you do within it. If a room or tub is not clean enough when you arrive you should call the front desk and someone should come to clean it for you.

Do rooms with hot tubs require a bigger deposit?

When you check in they will put your credit card on file. Any damages will be billed directly to your credit card.

Can I pay cash for a hotel room with a hot tub?

It is very unlikely a hotel will let you book a room with a hot tub with only cash. A credit card will be required.

Can you find private hot tubs on Airbnb?

Yes, vacation rentals will also be able to provide private hot tubs, but these may be in someone's backyard or elsewhere away from your room. Also, you may be required to keep the tub clean during your visit.

How to improve your chances of finding a hotel with a private jetted tub?

The best way to find your whirlpool suite is to search here on well before your check in date. Also try to pick unpopular dates. Weekends are typically booked up well in advance and holidays like Valentine's day are nearly impossible to book on short notice.